A. E. S. 0. P.
Autonomous Enterprise for the Stewardship of On-Chain Publishing

AESOP is a nascent chamber of commerce for on-chain publishing.

What is a chamber of commerce? Similar to business associations, chambers of commerce are nonprofit enterprises which promote a given industry. A chamber may focus on promoting business of all kinds within a certain region, or a business of a certain kind across all regions. In this case, AESOP would be the latter, promoting the global on-chain publishing industry.

How much of an industry is there, for on-chain publishing? This industry is still quite young, which is why we think the opportunity is ripe for a chamber to help integrate the ecosystem, to help prevent fragmentation in talent discovery, and to help facilitate standards adoption.

Beyond identifying and addressing the needs of the on-chain publishing industry, AESOP will also embrace a culture of exploration and experimentation. The primary experiment is whether a chamber of commerce can operate according to on-chain governance processes, along the lines of a DAO. In such an arrangement, individual and institutional actors in the on-chain publishing industry may be able to collectively govern how standards are adopted, how disputes are resolved, and how best practices are shared.

If you are interested in getting involved, please either wait for interest forms to be posted here, or reach out to Inquiry@aes0p.org for more information.

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